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  • Granulated to reduce waste
  • Easy to handle
  • Mesh size ideal for all types of feed.

Lysine is an indispensable part of any feed formulation for pigs and poultry. It is amongst the
top limiting amino acids for all monogastric species, including pigs, poultry, rabbits, pets and
non- ruminating calves and other cloven- footed animals.                                                                        It is also being widely used by aquaculture feed industry, as it has a direct influence on the meat quality and characteristics.

Daily Lysine supplementation has a direct influence on animal growth performance as it
directly influences the amount of body protein deposition.

Our manufacturing abides to the highest standards and uses a very innovative granulation technique that highly increases the digestibility of L-Lysine. The dust residues in our product are minimal which is very helpful in reducing losses and dusting but also in improving work environment in feedmills.

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