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  • Coated sodium butyrate
  • Precision release of butyric acid molecule

After anti- microbial resistance (AMR) concerns globally, gut acidification has become one of the most prominent methods to control bacterial infections and related production losses. Butyrate salts are amongst the most popular methods to overcome these infections. However, conventional non- coated butyrates fail to reach the lower parts of the intestine and get neutralized. Most of the harmful pathogens are in the end- part of the intestine.The matrix coating is very stomach stable and favourable for the poultry gut particularly. The enzymatic degradation of the fat matrix assures a target release effect in the small intestine of the animals.

ButriNex is manufactured using a unique reaction process of a selected calcium/sodium salt source and butyric acid. The butyrate salt is encapsulated in a matrix of a 100% pure, hydrogenated and specially designed fine vegetable fat blend.

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